Take the guesswork out of meal planning, knowing what to prep, and how much to spend on weekly meals for yourself and your family.

Introducing the Beyond a Foodie Meal Prep Club, an innovative virtual information hub to introduce you to the time, money, and effort-saving world of meal prep.

What is meal prep?

Meal prep is an efficient means of preparing your meals before time to actually eat them.  Meal prep can take on many forms depending on the setting. Doing as little as chopping veggies before cooking them or as extensive as cooking all of your meals in one day to eat them on separate days. No matter how you decide to do it, meal prep is proven to save you time money and effort.

 Imagine the nights where you’ve asked yourself “what am I gonna have for dinner tonight?” or ended up at an expensive carry-out place just to grab a bite for lunch  Prepping meals in advance save you saves you time in the a.m. on the way to work/school, saves you money by forgoing lunchtime spending, and can allow you to have a home made cooked dinner in the time it takes you to put food in the microwave. 

3-Weeks of recipes

Live cook with me's

family friendly meals

Monthly Challenges

What Is BAF Meal Prep Club?

Beyond a Foodie Meal Prep Club is a group setting lead by Arica Jackson-Morgan, Chef, Entrepreneur and Head Recipe Developer at Beyond a Foodie. 

BAF Meal Prep Club includes  six weeks of seasonal menus, shopping lists, along with weekly live meal plan meetings, where you’ll be walked step by step on how to prep your meals. 

This also included tutorial videos, accountability and resources. These menus can be used over and over to create a variety of dishes. 

Who is BAF Meal Prep Club for?

 Beyond a Foodie Meal Prep Club is for busy parents, on the go entrepreneurs, eager home cooks, students who are looking to take control over what they eat and how.

Or those who simply don’t want to think about what healthy meals to eat from day to day, while saving time and money in the process. 

How it works

weekly Menu plans with Recipes

With 3 dinner recipes, 2 breakfast recipes, grocery list lunch recommendations and reheating information

Weekly Live Sessions

A 2-hour Prep Club Meeting, a Live “Cook With Me” Session, and a 30 minute recap and accountability session per week

Monthly Challenges and Prizes

Weekly mini challenges, Grocery Gift cards, Merch & More

Ready to Get Started?

$ 17 per month
Founding Member Sesonale Plan

Founding Member Sesonale Plan

Monthly Access to BAF Meal Prep club includes:
  • 3 Weeks of Recipes with Repurposing Info
  • 10 Live Sessions Covering Prep & Cooking
  • Bonus Nutrition & Food Resources
  • Accountability & Community
$ One-time Payment
Founding Member Lifetime Plan

Founding Member Lifetime Plan

Lifetime Access to BAF Meal Prep club includes:
  • All the Features of Seasonale Memebers plus
  • One 20-Minute 1-on-1 Support Meeting Per Month
  • All Future BAF Meal Prep Club menus
  • Lifetime Member-Only discounts in the BAF store

founding members launch closes in


You don’t need much to get started with meal prep, simple is best. At the beginning of MPC, you will be provided with a simple list of tools we will use regularly, and where to get them. Most of the time, all the tools you need are already in your kitchen.

With monthly MPC membership, you have access to that month’s menu’s, Meal Prep Sessions and Cook With me’s no matter when you start on the calendar. There’s no penalty for starting later in the month.

If you have a basic knowledge of cooking (like how to boil water, how to chop vegetables)  you’ll be a perfect fit for MPC. Advanced cooking techniques will be covered on Prep Club Days and in bonus content. If you have no knowledge of cooking, skip MPC for now and try Beyond a Foodie Basics (coming soon)

 Plant-based meals will always be incorporated into MPC menus, based on seasonality, produce etc. There will also be recommendations and  swaps to modify the recipes towards your dietary preferences.

As long as you are a member of MPC, you will have access to all menus, resources, Prep Meetings, Cook With Me’s, and accountability Recordings. When you leave membership, access will no longer be provided. MPC Epecurian members receive lifetime access to all MPC content and future menus/recordings.

That’s perfectly fine! MPC Prep Meeting and Cook with Me’s will be recorded for you, so you’ll be able to access them whenever you’d like. Feel free to ask questions throughout the week as well.


Meal prep saved my sight. As a business owner, meal prep has saved me precious it's
Entrepreneur and Mom